About Halo

Halo Therapeutics is dedicated to the rapid development of breakthrough treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and other rare fibrotic diseases.  HT-100, our initial product candidate, is based on halofuginone.  HT-100 is a derivative of a naturally-occurring compound and has potent anti-fibrotic and muscle regenerative biological activity.

The company is currently enrolling our initial clinical in DMD boys.  This trial will be followed by additional clinical trials in DMD and then other fibrotic diseases.

Halo Therapeutics has a unique business strategy predicated on close alliances with the patients suffering from the rare diseases whose medical needs we are addressing.  Initial financial support for Halo was provided by two DMD patient associations, the Nash Avery Foundation and Charley’s Fund.  We continue to work closely with these and other DMD patient associations, and continue to build relationships with organizations representing patients suffering from other rare fibrotic diseases.  This alignment of Halo Therapeutics with the patients whose medical needs we are addressing is a cornerstone of our business.

Halo Therapeutics and DART Therapeutics, an affiliated company, together are developing a portfolio of products with the goal of defeating DMD.  Please visit the DART website to learn more about this innovative approach to conquering DMD and other rare pediatric diseases.

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